Connect The Dots.
Ask Deeper Questions.

With many responsibilities, it can be difficult to see beyond the changes in engagement metrics and analyse your business impact. With our analytics, you can tap into our data science capabilities to generate meaningful analysis on the effectiveness of your strategies and iterate.

We show your impact on dimensions such as number of questions,
answers, mentions or feedbacks about a tech or product you are
advocating. Together with other analysis such as web traffic,
engagement metrics we give you a complete picture.

Qualitative & Quantitative.
Tell A Complete Story.

We provide users with both hard numbers as well as the qualitative data points, such as a question from a community member about an API you are advocating, a community member’s answer to a technology, a feedback on your product or simply a mention about how great your support was.

We capture these the same day they appear and along with the
hard numbers, you can tell a convincing story to stakeholders
about the value you bring.

Report. Understood. Buy-in.

From looking at how blog posts that explain how an API work can help reduce number of questions, to comparing the effectiveness between hosting a meetup vs doing a conference talks on awareness, to looking at the cumulative impact of a series of activities, you can easily do so with just a click of a button.

With it you can show the business impact, the progress you have
made, or justify the value of a strategy you are pursuing and
getting the budget.

Maximise The Value Of Team.

To get team members to work seamlessly together and deliver the synergies requires clear visibility into their efforts and impact.

We allow you to see not just your own impact, but also your team
members’. You can see very quickly the combined team impact and
in a geographic manner. You can see what strategies are working,
set benchmarks and better focus team efforts. All of this to
support your strategic planning and better communicate to